「継続は文化を育む」との思いでここに、JIDA DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTION Vol.12を発行することが出来ました。これも偏にここ数年の経済状況悪化にもかかわらず本活動に継続的に支援していただいている財団法人石橋財団をはじめ各企業の賛助会員ならびにJIDAデザインミュージアム支援会会員のご支援の賜物です。深く感謝申し上げます。
毎年積み重ねられるJIDA DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTIONは日本の工業デザイン文化を後世に残す事業であり、世界に向けて発信し続けているJIDAの最も大切な事業の一つです。

理事長・JIDAデザインミュージアム支援会代表 浅香 嵩
同支援会 主担当理事 須藤 正時

Joining the JIDA Design Museum Support Society

The Japan Industrial Designers' Association has been undertaking the Design Museum activity with the goal "past, present, future – inheriting tradition" of design, which is a cornerstone of 20th century culture.
With the thought "continuation fosters culture", the publishing of the JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol. 12 became possible. This is solely due to the support of not only the Ishibashi Foundation, which has continuously supported this activity despite the worsening economic situation during the past few years, but also of the supporting members of different companies, as well as the JIDA Design Museum Support Group members. We greatly appreciate the support.
The JIDA Design Museum Selection, held every single year, aims at bequeathing Japan's industrial design culture to the next generation, and is one of the most important activities of JIDA being continuously sent out into the world.
We would herewith like to again ask for your participation in the "JIDA Design Museum Support Group".
In order for the design museum activity to become a "social movement aiming for a rich environmental society of the 21st century", JIDA has formed the "JIDA Design Museum Support Group" to gather the support of those who favor this idea. The group is intended to support the concept of the JIDA Design Museum activities, including this selection activity, and to also support the activities financially. The activity to collect funds is getting increasingly harder due to the recent economic situation. We sincerely ask for all of your support.

March, 2011
Takashi Asaka
Chairman/ JIDA Design Museum Support Group representative
Masatoki Sudo
Director/ JIDA Design Museum Support Group

Support Amount System
個 人 1口
Support amount for a person:One share
5,000 Yen
法 人 1口
Juristic persons:One share
50,000 Yen
The number of shares doesn't matter.When you want to support us, please call the JIDA office (Tel. 03-3587-6391).

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