JIDA Museum Selection vol.15




株式会社 岡村製作所


Italdesign-Gugiaro S.p.A
Gorgetto Gugiaro


オフィスのあらゆる空間の雰囲気に軽やかにとけ込むと同時に、個性と存在感を求 めたメッシュ素材のオフィスシーティングです。メッシュの持つ透明感をより幅広い ユーザーに訴求することを目的として、様々なワークスタイルに対応するために求め られるハイパフォーマンスの機能をコンパクトに搭載し、シンプルでシャープなデザ インを実現しました。オフィスワーカーが毎日座るイスであるからこそ、その操作性 と座り心地の良さは重要となります。アームレストの上下調整・回転調整やランバー サポートの上下調整、ロッキング強さの無段階調整、座面の前後調整などが容易に 行えます。またメッシュ素材は、座り心地、風合いなどのバランスをとるために改良を繰り返し行い、体をしっかりと支持するとともに適度な弾力性と通気性を有しており、快適な座り心地を実現します。シーティングのスタンダードとして世界から認められたテクノロジーが、ビジネスニーズに幅広く応えます。

(解説/高橋 卓也)
2005年1月発売 価格¥91,000~187,900(税抜)

The office chair made of mesh material blends easily into the atmosphere of any office space while at the same time expressing personality and its special presence. Due to the clarity of the mesh, it appeals to a wide range of users. It is equipped with compact, high-performance features to fit various workplaces. The design is sharp and simple. Since it is a chair to be used by an office worker on a daily basis, seating comfort and operability are important.
You can easily adjust the seat height and the lumbar support, as well as rotate the arm pads. Furthermore, you can make use of the stepless and lockable adjustment of the movement of the recliner or slide the seat backward and forward. The mesh material has repeatedly been improved with regard to balance, comfort, and texture. In addition, it firmly supports the body while featuring appropriate breathability and elasticity to provide comfortable seating. The technology used has been recognized worldwide as a standard in seating that meets a wide range of business needs.

(Description / Takuya Takahashi)
Launch Year / 2005



(選定委員/守屋 一夫)

The "BARON" was commercialized on the basis of advanced ergonomics research. This pioneering ergonomic mesh chair carved out a new market—not only in Japan but abroad as well.
The simple and sharp design shines beautifully in any creative office space. I value it as an office chair that embodies the concept of "comfortable and functional seating" at a high level.

 (Selection committee / Kazuo Moriya)