JIDA Museum Selection vol.15


Cutlery Box




House Design



2013年9月1日発売  価格¥12,600(ナチュラル)¥10,500 (キャラメルブラウン)

The handcrafted cutlery box is made of beech taking advantage of the softness of the material: the form desired is created by rolling thin ribbons of the soft wood by hand into a coil. For 50 years, we have manufactured products in the spirit of wanting to bring them to consumers so that they can feel the warmth of handcrafted items. Due to the special BUNACO process used, the receptacle can be a supportive presence in everyday life simply by its softness and the natural curvature of its from, Products by BUNACO are born from the voice of the user.

(Description / BUNACO CO., LTD)
 Launch Year / 2013 


水分が多く狂い易いブナは、構造材や家具には向かず扱い難い素材であるが、 それを薄いリボン状に加工しコイル状に巻き、押し出しずらしたものがブナコである。 これは削りくずが殆ど出ないエコロジーな製法でもあり、照明器具、スツール、ダ ストボックス、スピーカーなど、様々な形状のものを作り続けている。 このカトラリーボックスはシンプルな形状ながら、木材の持つ優しさやブナコの特 徴を活かした、普段の生活を豊かにする商品として評価できるものである。

(選定委員/高木 庸)

Beech is characterized by high moisture content and flexibility. It is not suited as a material for furniture making or as construction material. Thin ribbons of beech are wound in a coil and then processed further by extrusion and shifting. The result is a BUNACO product. This process is also eco-friendly since it does not produce a great amount of shavings. It has been used for various shapes and products, including light fixtures, stools, dustbins, or speakers. This cutlery box has a simple shape, but it takes advantage of the soft material's touch and other characteristics of Bunako wood. The product can be appraised as a commodity that enriches the user's life.

 (Selected by / Yoh Takagi)