JIDA Museum Selection vol.15






代表 奥山 清行
Yamagata Carozzeria Research Association
Kiyoyuki Okuyama(COB)


ティーポット「ふく」は、山形カロッツェリア研究会 ( 代表 / 奥山清行氏 ) の製品として開発されたものです。伝統の技術と現代の技術を融合し世界に通用するクールジャパンな製品を目的に生み出されました。奥山氏のラフデザインを基にカービングで金型のモデルを造り、デザイナー奥山氏と打合わせを行い、製品化になりました。口垂れが無く、お茶が美味しく抽出するような素材と設計。また錆びにくい鋳物鉄の配合。取手は特殊アルミ合金により長くご利用いただける取手です。正に一服のお茶で至福の時を味わっていただけるよう祈念して1点1点造られています。

(解説/菊地 規泰)
2006年10月発売 価格¥7,500円(税込)〈SSサイズ〉/¥13,000円(税込)〈Sサイズ〉

The teapot "FUKU" was developed by the Yamagata Carozzeria Research Association (represented by Mr. Ken Okuyama). The product expresses the concept of "Cool Japan" and thus its international relevance in that it combines modern technology and traditional techniques. On the basis of Mr. Okuyama’s design, we produced a carved mold model, and, after several meetings with Mr. Okuyama, the model went into production. There is no dripping from the spout, and the design and the material used make it ideal for delicious tea extracts. And it does not rust easily due to the combination of materials the cast iron is made of.

(Description / Noriyasu Kikuchi)
Launch Year / 2006



(選定委員/高木 庸)

"Kikuchi Tamotsukotobukido" is a casting technique that has been used in Yamagata for 400 years. I have heard that, by using the finest sand in the world, it produces the thinnest iron in the world. The "FUKU" teapot is the result of this outstanding technique. It proves that it is possible to enrich the culture of modern life with such old techniques. In addition, its color and the modern shape in combination with the name of the product are highly valued abroad as well. The presence of this product is to be appreciated—as is the new business model of using the Internet to send the product directly from the Japanese countryside out into the world.

(Selected by / Yoh Takagi)