JIDA Museum Selection vol.15


Organization Composition
Inner Scan 50 (BC‐313)


TANITA Corporation.



体組成計は日々自分の状態をはかり続けることで、体重の急激な増減を防げた り、身体の変化に気付くことができるので、健康維持やダイエットのためにも欠かせない機器です。しかし、脱衣所・洗面所などの狭いところで使われることが多いため、常に置いて おくと場所を取られてしまいます。だからといって、棚や押し入れに片付けてしまうと、毎回の測定が煩わしくなり、習慣も薄れてしまいます。 BC−313は活躍の場を狭い脱衣所から広いリビングへと移すことにしました。しかし、よくある健康機器のデザインイメージではインテリアに馴染まず、調 和を崩してしまいます。そこで、オーディオ機器やカメラやスマートフォンなどの 精密機器を思わせるフォルムに仕上げ、リビングでも違和感なく使用できようにしました。また、精密機器のシャープさを形に取り入れることで、タニタの体組成計の一番の売りである精度も表現しました。

(解説/坪田 将知)
2013年 ****月発売 価格¥オープン

Using the Body Composition Monitor every day to monitor changes in your condition can prevent sudden fluctuations in your body weight.  For this reason, it is an indispensable device for the sake of health maintenance and weight loss. However, as such products are often used in small spaces, such as dressing rooms and bathrooms, always having them there has the disadvantage of them taking up too much space. It is also true that when tidying it up into a shelf or closet when finished, the habit of measuring becomes troublesome and will fade.
The BC-313 activity place is transferred from a small bathroom to a spacious living room.
However, people often think that healthcare equipment does not go well with interior design and destroys its harmony. Accordingly, the form of the BC-313 has been adapted to harmonize with the comfort of a living room, just like that of precision devices like audio equipment, cameras, and smart phones. So the adoption of the sharp form of precision devices and also its accuracy represent the Tanita Body Composition Monitor's best selling points.

(Description / Masatomo Tsubota)
Launch Year / 2013




(選定委員/上田 幸和)

This Tanita  Body Composition Monitor is made of tempered glass, which has a hard surface strength, but is sensitive to side shocks. In order to prevent damage from side shocks, the device's sides are protected by resin. All glass products from Tanita are processed in a way to ensure safe handling for consumers. This product excels in functionality, as well as through its simple design.

 (Selection committee / Yukikazu Ueda)