JIDA Museum Selection vol.15

アイスピック  ISL-104 40

i-S.P.I.C ISL-104






(解説/代表取締役社長 増田 博文)
2013年 4月発売  価格¥39,900

Our company aims at creating visually aesthetic products to enrich the life of our customers.
Since its foundation in 1954, the company, a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sunglasses and glasses, strives to pursue "customer satisfaction" with its products. And these principles do not change: we continue to expand technological development, sales structures, as well as our strengths in the field of product development. Furthermore, in order to expand production capacity, we established a plating factory and a production facility in China in 1997. We have always pursued consistency—from planning to production. We expand our Japanese sales network from Sabae (Fukui Prefecture), where the company is headquartered. Other branch offices are located in Tokyo, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. There is a wide range of sales channels and also a network of overseas distributors to market our products worldwide. Without losing sight of the origins of the company, we will work steadily step by step towards a new era in the future.

(Description / Hirofumi Masuda, President and Representative Director)
Launch Year /2013



(選定委員/谷村 秀)

The biggest point and the one to be appreciated most is the "loop hinge". It is a characteristic feature both in view of function and of style. The seamless frame is not unique from the point of view of design, but it is unique in view of the material used, since it takes possible allergies into consideration. This makes one feel the manufacturer’s strong commitment to this brand. I hope that the company continues its efforts in the fields of product development and innovation in the future.

 (Selected by / Shigeru Tanimura)