JIDA Museum Selection vol.15

日産 NV200バネットタクシー



Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.


Nissan Global Design Center


お子様や子育て世代の方、大型のスーツケースやレジャーグッズを携えた方、車いすをお使いの方など、性別年齢を問わず幅広い方々が快適に移動できることを追究した、全く新しいコンセプトのUDタクシーであり、公共交通インフラのバリアフリー化の推 進に貢献することを目指した「みんなのタクシー」です。広くゆとりのある後席や乗客の乗り降りをサポートする数々のおもてなし装備を備え、車いすに乗ったままバックドアから行う乗降時の後退防止ベルトなど、安心感を高める工夫もしています。また 乗務員が長時間、快適に運転できる機能として、高いアイポイントと低いウエストライ ンによる優れた前方視界、最適なドライビングポジションが確保できる190mmの調整 量を実現した運転席シートスライド、ワゴン車でありながらセダンタクシーと同レベルの5.2mを確保した最小回転半径、乗務員のエコドライブをサポートする車両情報ディスプレイなど、様々な機能を充実させました。

(解説/日産自動車株式会社 グローバルデザイン本部)
2010年12月発売 価格¥2,599,000

This is a UD taxi with an all-new concept as well as a taxi for everyone aiming to contribute to the promotion of a barrier-free public transportation infrastructure, and also pursuing comfortable transportation for a wide range of people regardless of age and gender, including children, families, those who carry a large suitcase or a leisure item and a wheelchair user.
Equipped with spacious rear seating and a number of hospitality features that support passenger egress and ingress, this car also offers features to enhance a sense of security such as a belt to prevent undesired backward sliding of a wheelchair which rolls on and off from the back door. To support comfortable long-time drive, high eye point and low waist line deliver superior front visibility, and sliding driver's seat with an adjustable range of 190 mm ensures ideal driving position. Other supportive features include a minimum turning radius of 5.2m that is equal to that of a sedan-type taxi and a vehicle information display to support the driver's eco-driving habit.

(Description / Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Global Design Headquarters)
Launch Year / 2010



(選定委員/長坂 亘)

I appreciate the "NV200 VANETTE TAXI" as a "taxi for everyone", since it was developed from a perspective that takes into account the needs of many people, from children to adults. In the context of a design competition in New York, the "NV200 VANETTE" was presented by Nissan as a taxi in the form of a UD one-box car. It was proposed that it should take the place of the yellow cab which has been loved by New York citizens for many years.

(Selected by / Wataru Nagasaka)