JIDA Museum Selection vol.15

レスキューツール 40

Rescue Tool


ビクトリノックス AG
Victorinox AG


ビクトリノックス AG
Victorinox AG


「レスキューツール」は、スイス消防隊と5 年がかりで共同開発したプロフェッショナル向け救助用ツールで、人命救助に必要な全15 機能を装備。グローブを着用した状態でも主なツールを引き出すことができる工夫が施されており、多くの国々のレスキュー部隊に愛用されています。ロック機能付きラージブレード、せん抜き、マイナス及びプラスドライバー、リーマーなどのツールの他、事故や災害で自動車内に閉じ込められた人を救助するのに有効な、ウィンドウブレーカー、ガラスのこぎり、シートベルトカッターなどが装備されています。シートベルトカッターは刃先が丸く、内側に湾曲した波刃なので、要救助者を傷つけることなく瞬時にシートベルトを切断することができ、負傷者の衣服を切断する際にも有効です。「自社製品を通して社会に貢献する」という企業理念に基づき、消防レスキューなどの救助隊が人命救助の際に使用するレスキューツールを、一般の方々にもさまざまな災害への備えのひとつとしていただきたい、と考えます。

(解説/水谷 理)
2007年11月発売  価格¥12,600(税込)

The "Rescue Tool" is a professional rescue tool that was developed in a five year joint program with the Swiss Fire Brigade. It is equipped with all 15 tools that are necessary for saving a person's life. The design of this tool allows you to draw out the desired tools even while wearing gloves. This tool is cherished by the rescue teams of many countries.
Aside from the main tools, such as a lockable large blade, a bottle opener, a slot head as well as a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a reamer, the "Rescue Tool" also contains a window breaker, a glass saw and a seat belt cutter, which are indispensable tools when freeing people who are trapped in a car after an accident or rescuing people in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The seat belt cutter’s rounded and inwardly curved cutting edge prevents injuring the person in need of rescuing. Not only can it be used to cut through a seatbelt in an instant, but also to cut open the clothing of the injured person if necessary. In accordance with the company’s philosophy "to contribute to society through our products," we would like to recommend this tool not only to professional rescue teams, but also to the general public as a precautionary measure in case of an emergency.

(Description / Osamu Mizutani)
 Launch Year / 2007




(選定委員/谷村 秀)

Having been used by professionals since 2007, the tool can be said to have stood the test of time and proven its value. The 15 tools contained in this tool have been carefully selected to guarantee the Rescue Tools high performance and versatility, while remaining compact at the same time.The company's sincere commitment in producing this tool in a joint venture with the Swiss Fire Brigade has been highly praised.

 (Selection committee / Shigeru Tanimura)