JIDA Museum Selection vol.15



Sapporo City Transportation Bureau


田中 一雄
GK Design Group Inc.
Kazuo Tanaka



2013年5月3日 運行開始

The new ultra low floor vehicle was originally developed to fit a cyclic operation system for Sapporo's streetcars. It is characterized by the four points given below:
* A sophisticated design that blends into the cityscape: The appearance of the vehicle was based on the image "as white as snow". This expresses the advanced and refreshing climate of the city of Sapporo.
* The space lets one feel the warmth of wood: The seats convey the image of fresh green. Using wood form Hokkaido for the side tables at the windows, the space is given a soft atmosphere.
* Wide and open inside: The body of the vehicle is longer than before. The capacity is 71 people now and has thus been increased by 2%. It affords a better view of the city outside the windows during the four seasons.
* Ensuring smooth movement: Since there is no step on the floor, it is easy to move in the car with a wheelchair or a stroller. The height of the floor from the ground is less than 50cm, i.e. less than in conventional vehicles. Thus, passengers (including the elderly) can get on and of more easily.

(Description / Kazuo Tanaka)
Launch Year / 2013



(選定委員/長谷川 聡)

The vehicle is used as a tram in Sapporo. It was introduced to operate on a new circular route that had been cut off at Susukino district in the past. If you look at the limited road width which originates from the division of the city into a grid structure at the time of its foundation, the width of the new vehicles is the same as that of the previous ones, but the new streetcars feature a low floor and an excellent interior. Furthermore, while the exterior maintains the previous monotone black and white color pattern, the interior creates a space where you can feel the warmth of wood. I highly appreciate this, since the design thus includes a feature the public is already familiar with and which had been nicknamed "Polaris".

(Selected by / Satoru Hasegawa)