JIDA Museum Selection vol.15

扇風機 スリムファン

Slim electric fan


Panasonic Corporation


パナソニック株式会社 デザインカンパニー アプライアンスデザインセンター 内田 亮太
TPanasonic Corporation Design Company Appliance Design Center  Ryota Uchida



(解説/内田 亮太)
2012年6月発売  価格オープン

In recent years, electric fans have not only been used to produce cool air but they have also been used together with air conditioners in order to save energy. It is a product that is being diversified to meet different purposes of use and lifestyles. In order to meet the needs of its various customers, the company focused on the application of their proprietary "fluid element technology". The product was developed as a fan for long-term use in personal spaces, which produces a beneficial air stream. It is characterized by energy-saving operation and quietness. Since this compact fan does not require storage, it can be used all year round. As far as technology development is concerned, two of the designers and researchers worked on devising an original process of product development in that they continuously collaborated on the creation of the prototype and product validation. As a result, it was possible to achieve an unprecedented slim appearance and pleasant air quality. In order to highlight the slender appearance, the product is very special with regard to color and material while being unobtrusive. The fan can be used in a variety of spaces. It could be said that it embodies a design that is clearly distinct from the conventional.

(Description / Ryouta Uchida)
Launch Year / 2012




(選定委員/伊奈 史朗)

Because of the slim and simple design, this product wants to be placed into a tasteful interior, its existence integrating well into the space without asserting itself.
Placed next to a sofa, the fan is suitable for cooling one person or a small group of people by applying the fluid element technology to the gentle air blowing from the oblong slit in the pole while rotating left and right.
Also, the design of the remote control button is becoming an icon for ease of operation.

 (Selection committee / Shiro Ina)