JIDA Museum Selection vol.15

イーモ トライシクル ナンバー02

iimo tricycle #02




千田 要宗
Toshimune Senda
(株式会社 飛行船スタイル)
清水 柾行
Masayuki Shimizu
古川 房雄
Fusao Furukawa


iimo tricycle #02は、これからの家族と三輪車の新しいつきあい方を提案するプロダクトです。
弊社が展開するiimoのファーストモデルiimo tricycle#01で求めた、三輪車の基本である、安全に「走る」「曲がる」「止まる」の原点を見つめ直し、ファミリーに優しい製品をという設計思想を、より多様化する生活スタイルに添うようなカタチに進化させました。三輪車(対象年齢:1歳半~4歳)を必要とするのはやはり若い家族(20代後半~30代前半)であり、収入レベルから多くが住まいは集合住宅だと想像できます。そういった環境下で三輪車が折りたためてコンパクトに置ければどうでしょう?また折りたたんで車に積んで出かければ、今まで以上に三輪車の行動範囲は広がり、楽しみ方も変わります。その為に現代の三輪車に必要とされている機能(押棒によるハンドル操作・こげなお子さま用のステップ・転倒防止ガード)を備えつつ、コンパクトに折りたたむ事を実現させました。そして危険な可動部分はすべて樹脂パーツでカバーしながら、安全性とスタイリングを両立させました。その結果、お子さまだけでなく、ご両親も納得できる安全性と便利さ、そして家族の多様な生活スタイルにフィットする三輪車が実現出来たと考えております。

(解説/エム・アンド・エム株式会社 古川 房雄)
22011年10月発売  価格 ¥12,800

The iimo tricycle #02 is a product that from now on proposes a new type of relationship between family members and a tricycle. Our company wanted the development of immo's first model, the Tricycle #01, to be a three-wheeler's standard for safety; concentrating directly on the starting points "to ride", "to turn", and "to stop", and we transformed family-friendly products as well as a design ideology into a form that meets the expectations of diverse lifestyles. I can imagine that the young families (late 20s to early 30s) who now need a tricycle (target age 1½  to 4 years) are living mostly in apartment buildings, due to their income level. How about putting a tricycle that can be folded up compactly into this type of environment? Also, if you go out and put it into the car folded up, then the extent of the tricycle's range of activity and the manner of enjoyment change and become greater than before. Hence, a modern tricycle needs to be equipped with features like a push/steering handle, a foot rest for the child, and a falling-out guard, all implemented to fold up compactly. Also, hazardous moving parts are all under plastic covers, balancing safety and styling. As a result, I think we were able to realize a safe and convenient tricycle that not only the child but also the parents are able to comprehend, and that fits into diverse family lifestyles.

(Description / Fusao Furukawa, M & M Co., Ltd.)
Launch Year / 2007



(選定委員/武正 秀治)

This excellently designed children's tricycle combines a simple and casual appearance with the functionality of folding up for storage when not in use. It is carefully designed with details such as a soft guard to hold the child and a folding step. The result was to discard the usual cheap quality common in existing products, and to produce a product refined to a high degree of perfection.

(Selected by / Hideji Takemasa)