JIDA Museum Selection vol.15




AOZORA Corporation.


二宮 康明
Dr.Yasuyuki Ninomiya


ウイングスプレーンは紙飛行機設計の世界的権威、二宮康明(工学博士)氏の設計による、スチレンペーパー製のヒコーキである。極めてシンプルなデザインは素材の特徴である軽さを生かし、高性能機に仕上げられた。二宮氏の設計機体は丈夫なケント紙を貼り合わせたものが主流であるが、胴体にバルサ材を使用したものも少なくない。スチレンペーパー機の一番の特徴は他の材料の機体と違って飛行の調整が非常に簡単であるといえる。セットされているゴムカタパルトを使えばだれでも簡単に素晴らしい飛行が楽しめる。ライト兄弟が動力初飛行に成功してからまだ110年という短さに、空中を滑空させることの難しさを思うが、ウイングスプレーンはいとも簡単に滑空現象を体験させてくれ、うまくいけば15秒以上飛んでくれる。子供達には大空への憧れと科学への関心を育ませ、大人たちにも手軽なホビーと健康をもたらしてくれる傑作機である。 (二宮氏は今年4月、吉川英治文化賞を受賞された)

解説/荒木 敏彦)
2011年3月発売  価格¥525

The Wings Plane was designed by the leading authority in paper airplane design, Yasuaki Ninomiya (Doctor of Engineering). The airplane's wings are made of styrene. While the plane's design is very simple, the materials used give it the additional advantage of being very light, which all contributes to making it a high-performance aircraft.
Dr. Ninomiya mostly uses the sturdy Kent Paper for the airplanes he designs, but it is also not uncommon for him to make use of Balsa wood for his airplane's bodies. The best feature of airplanes made of styrene compared to planes made of other materials is that their flying course can easily be adjusted during flight. Anyone can enjoy the plane's magnificent flight using the rubber band launcher that is included in the set. Considering how little time has passed since the Wright brothers embarked on the first successful powered flight 110 years ago, it is easy to understand that we still ponder the difficulty of how to make aircraft take the courses we intend them to. The Wings Plane can show us how easily such glide-phenomena are performed and on a successful flight, it can glide for more than 15 seconds.
The Wings Plane is an excellent choice for both adults and children, being a healthy hobby that inspires an enthusiasm for the sky and nurtures an interest in scientific fields.

(Description / Toshihiko Araki)
Launch Year / 2011


従来品White Wingsは専用ケント紙とバルサ材を使用しているのに対しWings Planeは柔軟性の高いスチレンペーパーだけで構成され、組み立ては胴体に主翼・尾翼を差し込むだけだ。これは滞空時間を延ばすという従前の目標ではなく、ポケットから取り出し、折り紙飛行機より簡単に組み立て、どこででも簡易に『夢』を楽しむことを可能にしたデザインといえる。最低限の要素で、飛ぶノウハウが濃縮された機体は愛らしく親しみやすさに満ちている。


(選定委員/大縄 茂)

White Wings, the forerunner of the Wings Plane, is made of Kent Paper and Balsa wood, whereas the Wings Plane is made of the highly flexible styrene. The Wings Plane can easily be assembled by inserting the wings and the tail into the main body. The purpose of this design is not to achieve flights of a long duration, but to be able to easily take the airplane out of your pocket and assemble it as easily as a paper airplane, and to allow everyone to enjoy that "dream" of flying. With its economical use of materials, this aircraft will not only provide you with the know-how of flying, but also expresses an intimate feeling of loveliness.

 (Selection committee / Shigeru Onawa)