JIDA Museum Selection vol.15

窓用バキュームクリーナー 「WV 50 plus」

Window vacuum cleaner ‘WV 50 plus’


ケルヒャー ジャパン株式会社
Kärcher (Japan) Co.,Ltd.



「WV 50 plus」は、ドイツの清掃機器メーカー、ケルヒャーの企業カラーであるイエローのモデルです。 使い方はとてもシンプル。スプレーボトルに窓ガラス用洗浄剤と水を入れ、汚れた窓にスプレーします。マイクロファイバー製のワイプパッドで、スプレーした洗浄液を伸ばして汚れを浮かせ、本体のスイッチを入れて上から下に動かして吸引するだけです。充電式なのでコードレスで、700gと軽量なのでどなたでも手軽に使え、バキューム機能付きなので水が垂れることもなく、手を汚さずに窓そうじができます。冬場の結露や入浴後の水滴吸引にも活躍します。ワイパーヘッドと呼ばれるゴム部を工夫し、拭き跡が残らないようにしました。お掃除後は本体を分解して洗えるので清潔に保てます。一回の充電で約20分使えます。

(解説 表記なし)
2009年8月発売  価格 ¥7,480

Cleaning windows manually is quite tedious. To make this task easier is what the window vacuum cleaner was designed for. The "WV 50 plus" is made in the German cleaning equipment manufacturer Kärcher's trademark yellow color. It is very easy to use. You simply fill the spray bottle with a window cleaner concentrate and water and then spray the soiled window. In order to dissolve the dirt, spread out the cleaning solution on the glass by wiping the window with the wipe pad, a microfiber wiping cloth. Turn on the "WV 50 plus" and vacuum the dirty water off the window starting at the top and moving towards the bottom. This cordless device can easily be used by anyone as it weighs just 700 g. Because of the suction it produces, no dirty water will drip on the floor and window cleaning is made possible without even getting your hands dirty! It is also useful for vacuuming condensation from windows that gathers during wintertime or for vacuuming the water off walls and windows after taking a bath. The rubber part, the so-called wiper head, is designed to ensure streak-free window cleaning. The device can be disassembled for cleaning after usage. It can be used for up to 20 minutes on a single charge.

Launch Year / 2009



(選定委員/上田 幸和)

This product can be used for cleaning many types of smooth surfaces, such as windows, walls, and table tops. It is designed to be used in combination with the wipe pad, which boosts the device's cleaning efficiency, as well as facilitates its maintenance. Above all, it is beautifully constructed. Being well balanced, it lays comfortably in the user's hands and its size has been adjusted to make it easy to handle.

 (Selection committee / Yukikazu Ueda)