JIDA Museum Selection vol.18

FES Watch

Product FES Watch
FES Watch
Model number
Manufacturer ソニー
Sony Corporation
Designer TAKT PROJECT / ソニー
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

FES Watchは、好きな時に好きなデザインで楽しむ、柄が変わる時計です。文字盤とベルトが一枚の電子ペーパーでできており、服装やシーンに合わせて、時計全体の柄を変えてお楽しみ頂けます。
‒ デザインコンセプト ‒ 
さまざまな柄が投影される時計として、それらを受け入れる中立な存在を目指しました。例えるなら、まっさらなキャンバスのような存在で、誰もが思い浮かべる原型的な時計のシルエットにすることで、想像を掻き立てる「素材としての時計」をデザインしました。(解説/ Fashion Entertainments)2015年11月発売 ¥27,500(税抜き)

文字盤とベルトが一枚の電子ペーパーでできていて、腕時計とは思えないすっきりとしたフラットなデザインだ。通常は時計表示のない一見ブレスレット風に見えるが時計を見る動作をすると文字盤とベルトの柄が一変して時刻機能に早変わり。素材とデザインを巧みに活かした、アッと驚く粋なトリックに先進性を感じてしまう。(選定委員/横内 富義)

The FES Watch is a watch in which you can change the pattern and enjoy the design of your choice when you want. The face of the watch and its belt are made of an electronic paper, and can be changed according to your outfit or scene. It has a neutral form in which any pattern can be projected onto and enjoyed.
It is like a brand new canvas to work on.
The watch has a standard silhouette that is familiar to many, which stimulates people’s imaginations. It is designed to be a watch that serves as material for the wearer’s imagination. (Description / Fashion Entertainments) Launch Year / 2015

The face of the watch and its belt are made of one electronic paper, which allows for such a simple flat design and makes it hardly a wristwatch. It usually looks like a bracelet without the clock display, but its pattern of the face and belt is quickly changed into a clock when a wearer moves to see his or her watch. This eye-popping stylish mechanism surprises us with a progressiveness with its material and design. (Selection Committee / Tomiyoshi Yokouchi)