JIDA Museum Selection vol.18

卓球台 SAN-EI infinity

Product 卓球台 SAN-EI infinity
Table Tennis Table SAN-EI infinity
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社三英
Designer 澄川 伸一
Shinichi Sumikawa
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

脚部は「MADE IN JAPAN」の美しさや技術力を表す為、世界でも稀な木材を使用する事とし、復興への想いを込め岩手県宮古市産材のブナ材を使用しました。形状や木という材質がバウンドの均一性、振動対策、横揺れなどに対し国際基準とは反作用方向に働き、詳細設計には多くの時間を割きましたが、オリンピック競技に採用される卓球台として十分なスペックを備える卓球台が完成しました。(解説/株式会社三英 TTF事業所工場長:吉澤 今朝男)2016年3月発売 ¥750,000(税抜き)

2016RIOオリンピックにおいて、日本の卓球選手の活躍は素晴らしいものがあったが、同時に卓球台についても大いに注目を集めた。美しい造形のこのinfinityは、木製でテーブル部分の水平ラインと脚部分の緊張感のある曲線の造形を持ち、これは日本の高い技術に裏付けされたもので、世界に日本製品の素晴らしさを大いに印象付けた。(選定委員/齋藤 和彦)

The color “Les yeux bleus”, implemented for the first time in the world on the sur-face of the ping pong table, was chosen based on the flag and nature of Brazil, since it was anticipated to be used for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, as well as how vibrant it would look when captured on television, as well as how easy it would be to spot the ball in motion. While we were developing the table, Japan experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the color reflects “life” and “breath” to show our solidarity with the devastated area. For the legs we used beech wood, a rare material from Miyako in the Iwate prefecture to express our solidarity with the re-construction efforts, as well as to show Japanese beauty and technique. It took a while to come up with a solid detailed design because the form and the wood material affected the uniformity of the rebound of the ball, the vibration measures, and the vertical shaking so that it went against the international standards. How-ever, in the end, the ping pong table became one that is equipped with all the capa-bilities needed for Olympic use. (Description / Kesao Yoshizawa) Launch Year / 2016

While Japanese table tennis players showcased brilliant performance in the Rio 2016 Olympics, table tennis table had also become the focus of attention. Infinity, with a beautiful form made of wood, is a sleek horizontal table with curved table legs, that adds a degree of tension, and is backed by highly advanced Japanese technology, and it successfully impressed the world as a quality made-in-Japan product. (Selection Committee / Kazuhiko Saito)