JIDA Museum Selection vol.18

霧ヶ峰 MSZ-FL シリーズ、MSZ-LN シリーズ、MSZ-JL シリーズ

Product 霧ヶ峰 MSZ-FL シリーズ、MSZ-LN シリーズ、MSZ-JL シリーズ
Model number MSZ-FL Series, MSZ-LN Series, MSZ-JL Series
Manufacturer 三菱電機株式会社
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Designer 三菱電機株式会社 デザイン研究所
加藤 弘之、 中居 創、 西口 隆行
Hiroyuki Kato, So Nakai, Takayuki Nishiguchi,
Industrial Design Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

(解説/加藤 弘之)

インテリアの一部として設置されるエアコンが、家具と同様のレベルで、空間との調和を最優先に、スクエアな形と高い質感で仕上げられている。それを実現するために、内部機構のコンパクト化や、格納型で透明なフラップ等が新規に設計されている。もちろん基本機能である省エネ性能や快適性も充分満たされた製品である。(選定委員/齋藤 和彦)

Hiroyuki Kato, So Nakai, Takayuki Nishiguchi, Industrial Design Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation The model is aiming for realization of an ideal square shape of AC units for the wall, with careful attention given to even the most minute of details. It allows for a flat, straight-lined design that harmonizes with the interior space, while maintai-ning a high level of comfort and energy-saving, which is the essential function of an AC unit. The three main features are as follows:
1. A primitive form that is based on straight-lined, flat surfaces, and a retractable flap that hides the wind outlet when seen from the front.
2.There are sensor and display unit with minimum elements.
3.Placing the air duct in the center of the front as part of the square design, in order to minimalize the thickness of the body.
(Description / Hiroyuki Kato) Launch Year /2016

Prioritizing harmonious unity with the interior space, the air conditioner that is usually thought of as an interior item is elevated to the same level as furniture with its sleek square shape and quality texture. In order to achieve these features, the internal units are downsized, and a retractable, transparent flap is newly desig-ned for the product, while fulfilling basic functions such as energy-saving perfor-mance and comfort. (Selection Committee / Kazuhiko Saito)