JIDA Museum Selection vol.18


Product MaBeee(マビー)
Model number
Manufacturer ノバルス株式会社
Novars Inc.
Designer 岡部 顕宏
Akihiro Okabe
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



An Iot product that allows you to control battery-operated devices using a smart- phone. Through actions such as shaking or tilting the smartphone, or speaking into it, one is able to make a toy train run faster, interactively control the  ashing light of an illumination, have a timer remind one when to brush your teeth, etc. The set- up is quite simple, requiring the user to only put the AAA battery within the AA battery-sized MaBeee, mount it within the battery-operated product and connect to the special application. The various modes equipped within the application can be applied in different situations for various purposes, such as a game in combi- nation with toys, intellectual education, or for other home entertainments. (Desc- ription / Akihiro Okabe) Launch Year / 2016
While its appearance adheres to a conventional AA battery, its function as a “com- munication device” makes it a cutting-edge product. By placing the AAA battery within the MaBeee, every AA battery-driven product can be controlled using a smartphone equipped with a special application. This is an emergence of an epoch- making product that would expand the potential possibilities of existing battery- drivenproducts. (Selectioncommittee/HidejiTakemasa)