JIDA Museum Selection vol.18


Product テーブルグリルピュア
TableGrill Pure
Model number 103030
Manufacturer CORED株式会社
CORED Co., Ltd.
Designer CQインターナショナル
CQ International
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

天然竹素材の台座とアルミダイキャストにセラミックコーティングを施したピュアホワイトプレートを採用。重さ3.4kgは力のない女性でも苦にならない。高い熱伝導性・蓄熱性と遠赤外線効果が素材を素早く焼き上げ、食材本来の旨味を引き出す。中央に向かって曲線を描いたプレートが食材から出た余分な油を落とし、ヘルシーな調理が可能。更にプレート上に残る油の量が少ないので煙や匂いも少ない。焼き肉・鉄板焼きだけでなく、朝食には目玉焼きやソーセージ、ティータイムにはパンケーキ、チーズフォンデュやオイルフォンデュと調理用途も多岐に渡る。デザイン家具と家電を融合した今までにはなかった一品です。(解説/ CORED株式会社)
2015年12月発売 ¥20,000(税抜き)

ピュアホワイトカラーのホットプレートは、見た目の斬新さだけではなくテーブル周りを明るくさせ、食材を美味しく見せてくれる点が最大の特徴であろう。台座に自然素材を用いたコンビネーションや中央の油切り穴といい、人にやさしく今の時代を強く感じさせ、さり気ない気配りがにくいプロダクトである。(選定委員/谷村 秀)

A plate mount of natural bamboo and a pure white pre-coated ceramic coating for aluminum die casting were adopted for this product. Weighing only 3.4 kg makes it easy to use for anyone. High thermal conductivity and thermal storage and far-infrared radiation effect bake the material quickly and bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients. A plate with a curved line towards the center allows the extra oil from the ingredients to run off, cooking the food as healthy. Furthermore, since there is very little oil remaining on the plate, it minimizes the smoke emission and smell. The dishes that can be prepared are not limited to grilled meat and teppan-yaki, but extend to fried eggs and sausages for breakfast, pancakes for tea time, cheese fondue, and oil fondue. This is an innovative product that is a fusion of design furniture and home electronics. (Description / CORED Co., Ltd) Launch Year / 2015

The greatest feature of this hot plate is that it accentuates the deliciousness of ing-redients by illuminating the table with its pure white, novel appearance. Such as its plate mount, used in combination with natural materials, and the small opening as an oil strainer, subtle yet thoughtful exquisite sensitivity can be found in this user fri-endly product reflecting the modern era. (Selection Committee / Shigeru Tanimura)