JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product APマウント
AP Mount
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社ビクセン
Vixen Co., Ltd.
Designer ツジムラデザインスタジオ
辻村 哲也
Tetsuya Tsujimura
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas


コンパクトな赤道儀で各ドライブユニットがモジュール化されており、使用目的によって手動、一軸駆動、二軸駆動の3段階で組立られる。入門機的な位置付けではあるが組み合わせにより経緯台方式やポータブル赤道儀として旅先でも利用できる。何より円柱をテーマに大変美しく仕上げられており従来の概念を一新する赤道儀である。(選定委員 / 上田 幸和)

This is a mount for observation and photography, equipped with a lens barrel of an astronomical telescope and a camera. The modular structure that allows for parts to be separated and combined, makes it possible for the user to customize it freely depending on the intended use.  Additionally, adopting aluminum die-cast for the material rendered it successfully lightweight and compact, making it suitable for transporting to the suburbs to view the night sky. In terms of operability, it can be handled easily and without stress, due to the free-stop system which fixes the barrel in its position when it is pointed in the desired direction. The product eliminates the negative image that traditional mounts have had, as being large, heavy, and hard to install and operate. The tool can be used widely and for a long time, by both beginners and the advanced. (Description / Vixen Co., Ltd.)

Each drive unit in the compact equatorial mounts has been modularized, and the single and two-axis drives are assembled in three stages which can be operated manually depending on the purpose. Although this is introduced as a beginner’s machine, it can also be used as an altazimuth mount or portable equatorial mount depending on the combination, even while on the road. Above all, this mount renews the traditional idea of such equipment by its use of the cylindrical form to create an aesthetically pleasing product. (Selection Committee / Yukikazu Ueda)