JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product 熱湯用単水栓
Boiling water fauce(t mono-type)
Model number SF-WCH120
Manufacturer 株式会社LIXIL
LIXIL Corporation
Designer 安間 広介/安藤 良彦
Kosuke Yasuma / Yoshihiko Ando
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

様々なキッチン水栓・キッチン空間とも調和することができるこの熱湯水栓は閉鎖的なイメージの定着していた給湯室に新たな可能性をもたらしました。(解説/安間 広介)

2015年 5月発売 ¥38,500

社内コミュニケーションの活性化のためにフリーアドレスが導入されるなど、オフィスランドスケープは多様化してきた。それゆえ、バックヤードであった給湯室も、より柔軟な在り方が求められている。従来、野暮ったいイメージでしかなかった熱湯水栓を安全性に配慮しながらもスタイリッシュに実現できている点を評価した。(選定委員/長谷川 聡)

The SF-WCH120 is a boiling water faucet (mono-type) for kitchens in ofces. The double layer construction with inner air pocket keeps the metal pipe from getting hot. The operating lever is positioned on the front tip of the spout, enabling easy use with both left and right hands and a simple linear design. These designs aim to ensure safety when dispensing hot boiling water. Any protruding part from the pipe may cause incorrect operation or improper usage. To solve these problems,
we have no protruding part. Furthermore, the grip shape lets users to naturally “grasp” the lever to dispense water. These features combine to form a safe, functionally beautiful and easy-to-use boiling water faucet (mono-type). The simple linear design is a perfect match for any kitchens in ofces. (Description /Kosuke Yasuma) Launch Year / 2015

With new installments such as the revitalization of communication within the company, ofce landscape has become diverse in the recent years. As such, there is also a growing need for the break room to be exible in its utility. Until now, hot water dispensers have been unfashionable in its design, but this product is stylishly updated while maintaining an assurance for safety. (Selection Committee/ Satoru Hasegawa)