JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product クーキレイ
Model number
Manufacturer 富士工業株式会社
Designer Hirota Design Studio. 廣田 尚子
Hirota Design Studio. Naoko Hirota
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

今回、プロダクトデザイナーに廣田尚子氏を迎え、クーキレイがダイニングの印象を変えて、生活を豊かにするきっかけになることを目指し“使いやすさと佇まい”、双方の心を満たすデザインに刷新しました。(解説 / 富士工業株式会社)

2014年 12月発売 オープン価格

ダイニングでの団欒は快適に過ごしたい。調理中に漂う油煙など空間は不快さが付きまとう。照明器具と卓上調理専用空気清浄機を一体化した複合機は革新的な発想だ。家庭用レンジフードの専業メーカーとして長年の技術に裏打ちされた商品である。更にシェードを厚みのある清浄機を感じさせない程シンプルなデザインにまとめた点を高く評価したい。(選定委員 / 横内 富義)

Fully utilizing the technology established in the development and manufacturing of range foods, we’ve developed a unique air cleaner called the “cookiray” for table-top cooking. It is a dining light that doubles as a ventilator, sucking smoke, oil, and other cooking smells straight up and away, with an original four-layered filter to keep the air clean. Having Naoko Hirota as a product designer, the renovated cookiray has improved usability and visual design to become a catalyst for enriching your quality of life, and satisfying users’ requirements for both convenience and appearance. (Description / FUJI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.)Launch year / 2014

Happy family life starts from comfortable dining room, and oily smoke would only spoil atmosphere. A device equipped with combined functionality of lighting and air cleaner for table-top cooking came from innovative idea, reinforced by the long experience and technology the company acquired in the development of range foods. Its shade was made into simple design that does not even make us regard it as an air cleaner, which deserves high appreciation. (Selection Committee / Tomiyoshi Yokouchi)