JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product IHクッキングヒーター EURO STYLE IH
Induction Cooking Heater EURO STYLE IH
Model number
Manufacturer 三菱電機株式会社 三菱電機ホーム機器株式会社
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mitsubishi Electric Home Appliance Corporation
Designer 三菱電機株式会社
椛島 山青
Takaharu Kabashima,
Industrial Design Center,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

調理機能の特長としては内側と外側の加熱エリアを交互に入れ替える「対流煮込み機能」を搭載し、料理初心者が失敗しがちな煮込み料理も焦げつかせることなく美味しく仕上げることができます。(解説 / 椛島 山青)

2014年 12月発売 ¥290,000(税別)

長らく外国製品の独壇場であった日本のハイエンドIHクッキングヒーターの市場に、リーズナブルな価格の国産品として先鞭をつけた意義は大きい。また、単にヨーロッパ調のデザインを取り入れたということではなく、随所に日本の製品らしい きめ細やかな配慮がなされている。特に初心者でも分かりやすいユーザーインターフェイスは秀逸である。(選定委員 / 矢島 栄成)

In recent years, the rise in open-plan kitchens has meant that household cooking appliances can be viewed by friends or family more than ever before. The invention of this product was to create a harmonious kitchen with an easy-to-use display operations unit which enhances the cooking experience. The display unit can be easily removed when not in use, leaving you with a simple glass-top plate. By activating the touch screen, one can turn the power switch on or off, and adjust the power setup so that it is safe for children who are keen to help. It is equipped with a stew cooker function that lets heat travel from both the inside and outside. Even the cooking novice can make something delicious without burning the dish. (Description / Takaharu Kabashima) Launch year / 2014

The market for high-end Japanese IH cooking heaters has long been monopolized by overseas products, prompting a significant reduction on the price of domestic goods. With such attention to detail, the product embodies a Japanese-centric design, instead of just incorporating standard European designs. The user interface is exquisite, and is particularly easy to use – even for first time users.(Selection Committee / Yoshinari Yajima)