JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product フレシャス・デュオ
Model number
Manufacturer 富士山の銘水株式会社
Mt.Fuji Springs Inc.
Designer 安積 伸
Shin Azumi
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

また、その位置を既存品より高くすることで、かがまずに給水ができ、トレイの間口や奥行きを広く取ることで鍋への給水も可能になりました。省エネ機能搭載で電気代最大70%カットを実現し、衛生面・安全性・環境への配慮を兼ね備えた革新的なモデルです。(解説/富士山の銘水株式会社 開発部)
2014年 10月発売 レンタル価格¥500(税別)/月
富士山の天然水を利用するウォーターサーバー。自宅に宅配される軽量水パックは、使用後は小さくまとめて捨てられ回収不要。更に自動クリーン機能や節電機能付きだ。使用シーンを想定した操作ボタンのレイアウト、更に給水口の位置、間口の大きさなどは洗練されている。無駄のないすっきりしたデザインを高く評価したい。(選定委員/横内 富義)

The idea for FRECIOUS dewo came from our desire to provide a convenient way to drink spring water at home. Keeping comfort and compatibility with interior space in mind, we reviewed the design from the core, to create this brand new cold and hot water dispenser. Unlike the dispensers with large bottles that are currently common, this one adopted a method that uses lightweight packs, maximizing convenience. By eliminating the lever that dispenses the water, and connecting both the hot and cold water into one outlet, we were able to achieve a simpler and more hygienic structure. The outlet on our product is positioned higher than other similar products, which allows one to use it without bending over. There is also more depth which makes it easier to dispense water into pots directly from the dispenser. With its energy-saving function, it cuts up to 70% on the electricity bill. This is an innovative model that combines attention to hygiene, safety and environment. (Description / Inscription Water of Mt. Fuji Co., Ltd. Development department) Launch year / 2014

This is a water dispenser that uses the spring water of Mount Fuji. The lightweight water packs are delivered to the home. When it’s empty, it can be folded and discarded altogether, so used containers do not have to be retrieved by the distributor. Additionally, it has automatic cleaning and power-saving functions. The operation buttons were strategically laid out to be user-friendly. Furthermore, positioning of the water supply and the size of the frontage are rened. I commend its clean and efcient design. (Selection Committee / Tomiyoshi Yokouchi)