JIDA Museum Selection vol.17

ライカ T

Product ライカ T
Leica T
Model number
Manufacturer ライカカメラ社
Leica Camera AG
Designer ライカカメラ社
Leica Camera AG
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

ライカの誕生から丁度100年を記念して発表された「ライカT」は、ライブビュー方式のレンズ交換式デジタルカメラで、無垢のアルミから削り出された美しいデザインのボディに、APS-Cサイズの高性能なセンサーを搭載し、高精度のレンズとの組み合わせで優れた画質を実現します。主な操作はタッチパネルで直観的に行い、あらゆる面で「究極の完成度」を追求した新時代のシステムと言えます。(解説/ ライカカメラジャパン 企画部 米山 和久)

2014年 5月発売  ¥237,600(ボディ、税込)

ウル・ライカに匹敵するシンプルさを感じさせる造形が美しくボディエッジがシャープで金属の塊から削り出された外観からは新鮮な印象を受ける。タッチパネル操作はスマホの感覚で行え、Wi-Fiでスマホからも操作出来るなどデザインに負け無い先進性を実現している。ストラップの取り付け部もユニークで大変魅力的な機種である。(選定委員 / 上田 幸和)

The Leica Camera AG is a German camera manufacturer that hires in-house craftsmen. It was founded in 1849 as an optical institution that manufactured precision optical equipment. In 1914, Oskar Barnack made the 35m format camera that became the prototype of the current camera.Since then,many film and digital cameras and lenses have been produced and distributed worldwide. The "Leica T" was announced to commemorate the 100th anniversary since the birth of the Leica Camera. It is an interchangeable lens type digital camera with a live viewing system. The beautiful design of the body has been carved from solid aluminum and is equipped with APS-C size high-performance sensors. It provides excellent image quality in combination with the high-precision lens. The touch panel provides an intuitive main operating system. By pursuing the ultimate degree of perfection in all aspects, it can be observed that a new generation for camera systems has arrived. (Description / Kazuhisa Yoneyama) Launch year / 2014

The simplicity of this camera’s modeling is comparable to the Ur-Leica, and with a sharp edge to the body.It has the world’s first casing that is carved by cutting from a mass of metal. The touch panel operations are reminiscent of a smartphone, and with Wi-Fi you can operate from the smartphone. The innovation realized by this camera is not outdone by its design. The attachment of the strap is also unique, adding to the attractiveness of this model. (Selection Committee / Yukikazu Ueda)