JIDA Museum Selection vol.17

マツダ ロードスター

Product マツダ ロードスター
Mazda Roadster
Model number
Manufacturer マツダ株式会社
Mazda Motor Corporation
Designer デザイン本部
Design Div
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas


2015年  5月発売  ¥2,494,800~¥3,142,800

従来のマツダロードスターのコンセプトはそのままに、最新のマツダ車のシリーズ感を持った美しいスタイリングに仕上がっている。全幅以外のボディーサイズの小型化、アルミを多用したボディーやサスペンション、エンジンのダウンサイジング等々による軽量化は、運転の楽しさを増しながらも環境への配慮も忘れていない。(選定委員/高木 庸)

This new model of “Roadster” is the 6th product of a new generation that adopted “SKYACTIV technology” and the design concept of “KODO”. It is a 2-seater, with lightweight rear-wheel-drive, an open-top sports car that’s been developed with exhaustive efforts to expand that feeling of delight when driving a special car, all in an attempt to realize a sense of unity between driver and vehicle. The first model of the Roadster appeared in 1989, and represented the quintessence of the Mazda brand, “Jinba Ittai” (unity of horse and rider), whose features included smooth movements with an affordable price, and has been highly evaluated and loved by so many people for more than a quarter of a century. Mazda continues striving to deliver that pleasure of driving and bringing satisfied smiles to many more customers with this new model. (Description / Mazda Motor Corporation) Launch Year / 2015

Without distracting from its original concept of Mazda, Roadster adopts a beautiful and stylish design that is common among the latest Mazda series of cars. Reduction in the size of the body except for overall width, with weight reduction through copious use of aluminum on the body and suspension, as well as streamlining the engine to enhance the pleasure of driving without neglecting road and environmental considerations. (Selection Committee / Yoh Takagi)