JIDA Museum Selection vol.17

ロボット掃除機 ルーロ

Product ロボット掃除機 ルーロ
Robotic vacuum cleaner RULO
Model number MC-RS1, MC-RX1S
Manufacturer パナソニック株式会社
Panasonic Corporation
Designer 今野 馨晶、越智 健介
Kiyoaki Konno, Kensuke Ochi
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

全体のフォルムは、使用者にストレスを感じさせないよう優しく包み込むような造形でまとめた。掃除する際の動きや運転音にもこだわることで、より親しみやすさを感じてもらえるよう配慮した。(解説 /  村上 浩司)

2015年 3月発売 オープン価格

部屋の隅が掃除しにくいことがロボット掃除機の弱点であるが、正方形に内接して回転するルーローの三角形を応用することで上手く解決している。また三角形なので円形より吸い込み口を前方に広く設計でき、狭いところへも入り易くなった。この利点は見た目にもわかり易く、商品のスタイリングへも美しく表現できている。(選定委員 / 高木 庸)

This is a household robotic vacuum cleaner that thoroughly cleans your room with its unique shape and sensor technology. RULO utilizes a triangular shape for its body, which enables it to catch the dust that collects in the corners of the room and swiftly maneuver in and out even in the narrowest spaces. Additionally, the vacuum port is installed on the long sides of the triangle, making it possible to clean wide areas at once. This product is equipped with an infrared sensor that detects house dust, and cleans thoroughly, going back and forth or turning its head according to how much dirt and dust it detects. It is equipped with a memory function that can customize its movement to the environment, depending on the location settings entered. The gentle, wrapped form of the body is designed so as not to impose on the space or user. The movement and sound emission were also carefully considered so that the user can feel even more at ease when it is operating. (Description / Koji Murakami)Launch year / 2015

The corner of the room is difficult to clean, and it is the weak point of the robot cleaner. The issue was solved successfully by applying the Reuleaux triangle that rotates inscribed in a square. In addition, this triangle shape allowed its opening to be designed widely to forward than that of a circular vacuum, making itself easy to enter even into a narrow place. The advantage of its outlook is clear, reflected beautifully on its stylish design as well.  (Selection Committee / Yoh Takagi)