JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product 目もとエステ
Steam eye massager
Model number
Manufacturer パナソニック株式会社
Panasonic Corporation
Designer 村松 悦司
Etsushi Muramatsu
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

コンパクトで気軽に持ち運べ、目もとを心地よく包み込むスチームと温感ヒーター、エステの手技に学んだ振動によるリズムタッチ機能によって、ソファやベッドに転んで寛ぎながら目もとをマッサージ、疲れを癒し目もとにハリ感と明るさを与えます。顔に装着して癒しと美しさを提供する機器に相応しい、清潔感・上質感のある、女性に優しいデザインを目指しました。(解説 / 今野 馨晶)

2014年 9月発売  価格オープン

美容エステティックを美容家電として新たな市場を創り出した商品で家庭での手軽さを象徴してデザインも使いやすくコンパクトにまとめている。特に目もとエステの造形は美しく商品群のイメージ構築に貢献しており女性の使う道具としてのイメージを確立したと言える。白を基調にした清潔感と品質感のある商品群である。(選定委員 / 上田 幸和)

The steam eye massager is a cosmetic device to relieve the fatigue felt by your eyes and skin around the eyes. People use computers and smart devices with increasing frequency, causing dryness in the eyes, fatigue, and are also concerned about the bags under their eyes. With its steamer and heating mechanism that works to pleasantly encompass the eye area. And a massage function that works with vibration working like hand massages. This device relieves the tension around your eyes and rejuvenates the glow of your skin. Compact and easy to carry around, you can use this device in bed or while lying on the sofa.Our desire was to design a clean, sleek, women-friendly product, ensuring it suitable for use on the face as a device that would provide comfort and beauty. (Description / Kiyoaki Konno) Launch year / 2014

By creating industry cosmetic items for at-home use, it has created a new market of beauty products. The design of product is compact, and captures the essence of easy, at-home usability. The beautiful product design of the steam eye massager contributed to establishing the aesthetic of the entire market of women’s cosmetic tools. It has branded an industry image for the kind of products women use. With white being a key color, these products have a sense of cleanliness and impeccable quality. (Selection Committee / Yukikazu Ueda)