JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product オフォスシステム「スイフト」
Office System "Swift"
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社 岡村製作所
Okamura Corporation
Designer 株式会社岡村製作所デザイン本部製品デザイン部
山本 崇之
Takayuki Yamamoto,
Design Division, Okamura Corporation
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

電動昇降デスクが特別な存在ではなく、オフィスで一般的なデスクとして、働く人みんなが使えるようにしたいとの想いを込めて開発しました。今までの椅子に座って作業するという働き方に、新たに立ったまま作業する働き方を提案します。作業内容に合わせて立ったり座ったりする作業姿勢の変更は、作業効率の向上を生み出すとともに、肉体的にも精神的にもリフレッシュできます。オフィスで普通に使用できるように、昇降時の静音性や周囲になじむスタイリングの追求とともに、安全機能を重視したセーフティーリバース機構などを装備しています。デスクに働き方を合せるのではなく、自分の働きやすいワークスタイルにデスクを合せていくことを可能にしました。(解説/ 山本 崇之)

2015年 1月発売 ¥183,200

座り作業と立ち作業を混ぜたほうが疲労は少ないと言われている。このスイフトは電動で簡単に安全に昇降でき、任意の高さで様々な姿勢を選ぶことができるデスクである。上昇下降でスピードを変えたり、何かに当たると戻る安全性にも配慮している。天板のエッジ形状も選択でき、カラーバリエーションも豊富である。(選定委員/高木 庸)

The mechanized Wine Saver enables you to preserve the freshness of opened wine for an extra week with an air-tight vacuum seal. weight of the Wine Saver a top priority, along with its beautifully sleek design, it is a joy to use. The Wine Saver fits comfortably into the esthetic of wine cognoscenti. Despite its high-tech function, the Wine Saver fits perfectly with any atmosphere or environment.

The electric lift desk doesn’t have any intimidating feel, just like any other desk in the office: it has been developed in such a way that anyone can use it comfortably. For people who are accustomed to sitting while they work, we can propose this beneficial new way of working from your feet. Changing your posture to either sit or stand based on how you feel and what you’re doing improves your performance while allowing you to both adjust and refresh your mind and body. Fitting in naturally at the office, the desk adjusts easily with no distracting sounds or movement, with an emphasis on safety features and dependable mechanisms. So rather than having to adapt your work style to suit your desk, you are free to adjust your desk to fit your work style. (Description / Takayuki Yamamoto) Launch year / 2015

Adjusting between sitting with standing while working keeps your mind and body fresh. The Swift is an electrically powered desk that safely and easily switches to the position that will best suit your work style. Users can control over its speed of movement, with built-in safety features such as returning to its former position should something get stuck. Users are also allowed to choose the edge shape and color variation that best suits them and their work environment. (Selection Committee / Yoh Takagi)