JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product オーバル浴槽
The Oval
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社LIXIL
LIXIL Corporation
Designer 株式会社Lixil 大西 直人
有限会社造デザインアソシエイツ 江藤 太郎
Naoto Ohnishi / Taro Etou
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

住宅向けの単体浴槽です。住空間のデザイン・コーディネイトを良質なものにし、子供から高齢者まで少ない湯量で快適に入浴できることを目標に掲げました。実現に向け、モックアップによる入浴官能評価を重ね、造形に反映しました。例えば、背もたれ下部は小柄なかたでも姿勢を安定しやすい起こした角度とし、腰から上は身体への負担が少なくリラクゼーションしやすい寝かした角度とすることで、安心とくつろぎを両立しました。浴槽内には無駄な凹凸をなくし、楕円の美しさが際立つ普遍的でスタイリッシュなデザインに仕上げました。当初システムバス専用の設定でしたが、市場の高い評価を受け、単体浴槽として幅広い市場に展開しました。(解説/ 大西 直人)

2006年 10月発売  ¥500,000

浴槽はラグジュアリー感を追求する一方、毎日の使用ゆえ経済性が望まれる。いかなる製品も、美しくみせるために機能を純粋形体に収めた場合、何かしらの破綻が生じるものだが、無駄を削ぎ落とし浴槽形状を楕円に収めながら、構造強度、移乗スペースやグリップ等の安全性を担保した上、湯量低減を実現している点を評価した。(選定委員/長谷川 聡)

This is a single bathtub for housing. Our goal was to create a bathtub that would suit anyone from children to the elderly, and also to contribute to quality home design. Mock-ups were elemental to realizing this project, and several variations sensory tests were carried out and the best results were applied to the structure. For example, the backrest is angled so that even shorter people can recline comfortably. It is also angled so that there is no strain from the waist up. The inside of the tub is smooth and even, emphasizing the beauty of the elliptical shape, making it a stylish, universal design. Initially it was meant to be a component of a modular bath, but after receiving great feedback from the market, it was decided that it would be sold on its own to cater to a broader market. (Description / Naoto Ohnishi) Launch Year / 2006

While bathtubs are desired to have luxurious feel to them, on the other hand, they are meant for daily use and should be economical as well. As with any product, when the form takes precedence over function, the repercussions are seen somewhere at some point. Therefore, what makes this product commendable is that stripping away excess factors to maintain the beautiful elliptical shape did not forfeit the structural integrity, safety measures, or the space, and also reduced the amount of water needed for use. (Selection Committee / Satoru Hasegawa)