JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product 創風機「Q」
Ball fan
Model number F-BL25Z
Manufacturer パナソニックエコシステムズ株式会社
Panasonic Ecology Systems Co.,Ltd. ,
Panasonic Corporation
Designer パナソニックエコシステムズ株式会社
小田 一平
内田 亮太、友永 勝之、島田 八潮
Ippei Oda
Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.
+ Ryota Uchida, Katsuyuki Tomonaga, Yashio
Shimada,Panasonic Corporation
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

また球体形状は送風方向が自在に選べ、空間レイアウトや季節の空気環境に合わせた幅広い気流を実現できる。特に吹き抜けなどの天井の高いインテリア空間においては、その能力を最大限発揮できる。(解説/ 渡邉 辰弥)

2015年  5月発売  オープン価格

3.11以降、環境負荷低減は一般にも浸透し、エアコンも単独使用ではなく送風機等と併用する傾向にある。そして、各メーカーが一様なDC扇風機を投入する中、「Q」は、機能を最低限に絞り込んだ上で、誘引気流の工学的検証のもと、その特性をデザインに活かし、コンパクトで独創的な送風機を実現したことを評価した。(選定委員 / 長谷川 聡)

Effective indoor air circulation requires sending air flow over considerable distances. Induced air flow is the most suitable way to create this flow. The structure of the product makes the most of induced air technology. Its spherical shape is a result of giving priority to the structure. The body is compact, but capable of sending out an air volume seven times its ambient-air intake. The spherical form gives freedom of placement for air flow that suits any space or seasonal air environment. It can work to its full capacity, particularly in high and open-ceiling interior spaces. (Description / Tatsumi Watanebe) Launch year /2015

Reducing the negative impact on the environment has permeated its way into society since 2011.3.11. This effect means that there is a tendency to use fans in conjunction with air conditioners, instead of using them on their own. Coinciding with the release of identical DC fans by various manufacturers, the functions of the ‘Q’ have been narrowed down to a minimum. It originates from a guided airflow engineering verification, with special features that characterize the design.It is also praised for being a fan that is both compact and original. (Selection Committee / Satoru Hasegawa)