JIDA Museum Selection vol.17

suuun 酒器セット

Product suuun 酒器セット
suuun sake set
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社深山
Miyama co.,ltd
Designer 柴田 正太郎
Shotaro Shibata
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

時間をかけ培われた素材や技術を受継ぎ、現代に合わせ昇華する。ものづくりの観点からsuuunシリーズが目指したものは使いたいと素直に手に取って頂ける丁寧な道具を生み、結果的にものづくりの里程標となる事です。(解説 /  柴田 正太郎)

2012年  6月発売  ¥4,000

現代人のライフスタイルに呼応するデザインの優れた時代感覚に加え、 商品アイテムとしての存在感がシンプルかつ巧みに表現されている点を高く評価している。 また、ブランドとして追い続けている「ものづくりに対する強いこだわりと誠実さ」が商品デザインから感じられ、今後もこのような商品開発の取り組みに大いに期待をしたい。(選定委員 / 武正 秀治)

We wanted to preserve the tradition and culture of “shuseki” (a traditional party to enjoy drinking together), while giving it a more modern look. To achieve this, we were conscious of the characteristics of ceramic and allowed that to function as part of the tool. In this case, by drawing circular crest patterns with glaze on white porcelain created a contrast that is unique to objects that have been fired.While being a fresh take on traditional processes, it retains the familiarity that people have towards ceramics. It is a succession of the materials and techniques cultivated throughout the generations, refined with a modern spin.In terms of craftsmanship, the objective of the suuun series is to carefully create things that people will want to use, and mark a milestone in the continuing history of craftsmanship. (Description / Shotaro Shibata) Launch year / 2012

This design responds to the modern lifestyle with the aesthetic of the time, and its presence as a product is expressed in simply and skillfully. Moreover, the brand’s sincerity and particular attention to craftsmanship can be observed in the product design. I look forward to further product developments like this. (Selection Committee / Hideji Takemasa)