JIDA Museum Selection vol.17

トヨタL&F GENEO(ジェネオ)

Product トヨタL&F GENEO(ジェネオ)
Toyota 1.5-8ton engine-powered forklift
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社 豊田自動織機
Designer 森 博樹、薬師 忠幸
Hiroki Mori, Tadayuki Yakushi
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

可搬重量1.5~8.0トンのシリーズで構成される、ガソリン・LPG又は軽油を燃料とするエンジン式カウンターフォークリフト。新開発の産業車両専用エンジンにより、DPFなどの後処理装置無しで各国排出ガス規制をクリア。 各種安全装置が急発進、急停止、急旋回などオペレータの誤操作時でも車両の安定性を保つと共に、視界、乗降性、運転姿勢、操作性、騒音、振動など、運転環境を徹底的に改善してオペレータのストレスを減らすことで、安全性や作業の効率をアップさせるというデザインコンセプトで開発した。(解説/薬師 忠幸)

2014年 7月発売 ¥2,740,000~¥9,400,000

トヨタL&F GENEOは、乗り降りのステップやオペレータ席のフロア面が低く、スムーズな動作が可能であり、フロントピラーを曲線形状とし、外見上の特徴であるとともに視界・乗降性の向上を両立しているなど、オペレータの乗降性・操作性・安全性にきめ細かな配慮が感じられるプロダクトである。(選定委員/齋藤 和彦) 

This is an engine-powered counter forklift. It is composed of a 1.5- 8.0 ton weight capacity series - with an engine fuelled by gasoline, LPG and diesel. Due to a new development in industrial vehicle engines, global emission regulations were met, without post-processing devices such as DPF. The various safety devices include sudden acceleration, sudden stops and turns, which maintain vehicle stability even if the operator malfunctions. Improvements in field of vision, getting on/off the vehicle, driving posture, operability, noise, vibration, driving environment have helped to reduce operator stress. This product is developed with a design concept that increases work efficiency and safety. (Description / Tadayuki Yakushi) Launch year / 2014

The Toyota L & F GENEO has a low surface floor for the operator seat, as well as a step for getting on/off the vehicle. It is capable of being operated smoothly, has a curved front pillar, an improved visibility and easy access when getting on/off the vehicle – coupled with a distinctive outward appearance. You can feel the immense efforts that have gone into improving functions such as entry/exit for the operator, operability, and safety. (Selection Committee / Kazuhiko Saito)