JIDA Museum Selection vol.17


Product ゼクウ
Model number
Manufacturer オートスタッフ末広
Auto Staff SUEHIRO
Designer 根津 孝太(有限会社 znug design)
Kota Nezu(znug design, inc.)
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

zecOOのスタイリングは、そのユニークなメカニズムによって成立しています。左右一対の板状フレームで各コンポーネントを挟み込む電気バイクならではの構成や、バッテリーの重量を少ない姿勢変化で受けとめるためのハブセンターステアリングは、その代表例です。思想があるからこそ獲得できたスタイリングです。(解説/根津 孝太)

2015年 3月発売 ¥8,880,000(税別)

自動車に比べてスペースなどの条件がより限られた二輪車は電動化が難しいが、それを大手メーカーではなく、新たな業容での製品化を成し遂げている。機能面、デザイン面など多くの独自性を持ち、デザイナー、エンジニア、製造者の想いや情熱が結実したものである。この未来を感じさせる斬新で魅力的なスタイルは、これからくる“ものづくり” の大きな変化を示唆しているようである。(選定委員/吉田 晃永) 

zecOO is a handmade motorcycle, assembled by highly skilled craftsmen for each customer. Many of the parts are machined from solid aluminum alloy block, and it is made with meticulous attention to detail, down to the individual screws. The characteristic front and rear swing arms are polished and finished by welding the aluminum alloy board deliberately.
The special styling of zecOO comes from its unique engineering mechanics. For example, each component is sandwiched between a pair of left and right plate frames. Thisinnovative frame construction is designed specifically for the needs of an electric motorcycle, and the hub-centered steering mechanism is designed to accommodate the battery’s weight, maintaining steering ability without changes in riding posture. (Description / Kota Nezu) Launch year / 2015

Motorcycles are extremely limited in space compared to automobiles,therefore it is difficult to electrify. The company isn't a major manufacturer. However, it achieved the commercialization of this electric motorcycle in new business. With originality in many features such as functionality and design, it is a culmination of the aspirations and zeal of the designers, engineers, and manufacturers involved in making the product. The fresh and charismatic style gives you a glimpse into the future, and is an indication for things to come. (Selection Committee / Terunaga Yoshida)