JIDA Museum Selection vol.19


Product コーヒードリッパー
coffee dripper
Model number
Manufacturer エンプロダクト
Designer 浅野 雅晴
ASANO Masaharu
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

生活にまつわるモノコトをより豊かにするため、独自の視点をプラスし商品開発するeNproduct。珈琲を注ぐ手軽さと置いとたきの佇まいを追及したSUS製のワイヤードリッパーをデザイン。機能を保ちながらリブの数を最小限に抑えたシンプルな形状は有機的な美しさを持つ。ワイヤーフレームの形状はドリップした際に注ぐ湯量が見えるため、市販のコーヒーサーバーはもちろん普段使っているカップに直接のせてコーヒーを淹れられるのが魅力。使う姿やキッチンに並ぶ佇まいの美しさもしかり、使用後も水で洗い流す程度で済むなど、使い勝手の良さも持ち合わせている。シンプルなドリッパーはコーヒータイムに欠かすことのできないアイテムへと仕上がった。(解説/浅野 雅晴)2017年4月発売 ¥2,700(税抜き)


Through its unique line of products, eN Product brings new perspectives to every- day objects and routines. This stainless steel, wire coffee dripper is designed to be the simplest method of coffee making and to impress even when it is standing on the counter, not being used. The simple shape of the dripper achieves an organic beauty through reducing the number of ribs without losing its function. The amo- unt of hot water poured into the dripper can be seen through the wire-framed shape, making it easy to use the coffee dripper not only with the coffee pot but also with coffee cups. Not only is beautiful when it is both on the counter and in action,itcanalsobeeasilycleanedbyaquickrinsewithwater.Thissimpledripper will become essential for coffee time. (Description / ASANO Masaharu) Launch Year / 2017

This product maintains its functionality despite having reduced many elements, to the point that it is manufactured only from a single thin rod of stainless steel. The idea that “simple is the best” perfectly  ts to the product. It makes coffee well enough on its own but can also be used with other coffee widely used coffee ac- cessories. I am looking forward to more highly creative products from eN Product. (Selection Committee / TANIMURA Shigeru)