JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

鉄道車両 [西武鉄道40000系]

Product 鉄道車両 [西武鉄道40000系]
EMU (electric multiple unit) [SEIBU RAILWAY : EMU Series 40000]
Model number
Manufacturer 西武鉄道株式会社 / 川崎重工業株式会 / 株式会社GKインダストリアルデザイン
SEIBU RAILWAY Co.,Ltd. / Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. / GK Industrial Design Incorporated.
Designer 川崎重工業株式会社 車両カンパニー 国内プロジェクト本部 技術企画部 デザイン課
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Rolling Stock Company Domestic Project Division Engineering Planning Department Design Section
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



The Seibu 40000 series is designed around the concept, “the train that is friendly and travels together with passengers.” In some trainsets, it consists of rotating pairs of seats that can be arranged in either longitudinal or transversal bench- seating. The design and the coloring of the body gives off a “familiar” and “gentle” appearance. One of the highlights of the train is the “Partner Zone”, an area deve- loped to respond to the passenger’s wish to have more comfortable spaces in pub- lic for interactions with their children. It is not a designated space like that for the wheelchairs, rather a space designed to be shared without any hesitation. This train was designed with precision from passenger’s point of view with the use of virtual reality, which we used to simulate the standard facilities and layout of the space, taking into account wheelchairs and strollers as well as various other passengers with special needs like parents with small children and elderly people. (Description / KOSUGE Daichi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) Launch Year / 2017

This is a commuter train that is designed with various highlights such as the “Part- ner Zone”, demonstrating how its being designed from the user’s perspective. Fromexteriordoortointeriorwindow,itisdesignedina“passengerfriendly”way, showcasing its “hospitality” in every small detail, which was the springboard con- cept for the 30000 series (started in 2008). Its design is superb. How they manage to care for the passenger is brilliant. (Selection Committee / ASHIZAWA Yusuke)