JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

歯科用ユニット「エクシードCs (エクシードシェーズ)」

Product 歯科用ユニット「エクシードCs (エクシードシェーズ)」
Dental Unit「EXCEED Cs」
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社 吉田製作所
Designer 株式会社 吉田製作所 マーケティング本部 デザインセンター
Design Center, Marketing Div., THE YOSHIDA DENTAL MFG. CO.,LTD.
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



EXCEED Cs streamlines the objects and functions of the dental unit. By simplify- ing the form and how it is used, the comfort of both patient and dentist is improv- ed. The simple form of the unit accentuates its material and color, helping to cre- ate an of ce environment that adapts with the various interiors of dental clinics. The  exible backrest with reduced thickness allows dentists to adopt an ideal pos- ture while also allowing patients with different body shapes to relax throughout the treatment. The  at form enhances cleanliness, especially crucial for a dental clinic. Moreover, the doctor’s instruments, which frequently need to be cleaned, are covered with silicone to make this easier. (Description / TAKEUCHI Tomoyuki) Launch Year / 2016

A simple design that has no unnecessary parts. An ergonomically designed chair considered from both the doctor and patient’s point of view. All of the control- panels and trays that need to be kept sanitized are made with an innovative sili- cone mat that can be completely washed. Moreover, its design, compared with other dental units, has an abundance of color variations. This creates a pleasant treatment environment with elegance and comfort. This modern style for the den- tal clinic relaxes the patients while aiding the dentists in their practice. (Selection Committee / KITAMURA Teruhiko)