JIDA Museum Selection vol.19


Product kiyora(きよら)
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社木谷仏壇
Kitani Corporation
Designer memori
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



While my parent’s home had a room for their Buddhist altar, I couldn’t think of a place for my own in my apartment. This perplexed me, vaguely, for quite some time. Then, however, I got a commission from the 200-year old Kitani Corporation to de- sign the very thing.. This is a tool for praying that  ts into the modern lifestyle, avoiding the ornate Buddhist altar or  ttings. Kiyora consists of a  ower vase, an incense stand, a candle stand, and a picture frame, as well as a platform which looks like a simple plate, where all the mentioned  ttings can be placed and stored. Composed of minimal straight lines, the stripped down but digni ed, airy appea- rance has the  exibility to be a harmonious  t in both eastern- and western-style rooms. Also, its convenient size makes it suitable for more modest living spaces and apartments, securing it a place in the user’s busy, everyday life. I hope Kiyora will be able to provide its users with the opportunity to pray with more intimacy, as well as an altar to be used for memorial services. (Description / MIYAUCHI Hideaki, Design Of ce memori) Launch Year / 2018

Not limited to any certain religion, Kiyora is developed as a tool for praying that can store pictures, incense, and candles. It can be adapted to whatever changes in lifestyle a user may encounter in his day-to-day life, such as business trips, moves, and long travel. Becaause it is well designed, the user can pray for the deceased without worrying about  nding a suitable place, making the product perfect for everyday use. (Selection Committee / KITAMURA Teruhiko)