JIDA Museum Selection vol.19


Product ナビゲータークックシステム
Model number
Manufacturer 新富士バーナー株式会社
Shinfuji Burner CO.,LTD.
Designer 西島 丈玄
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



Outdoor cookware designed considering the activities of mountain climbing and hiking. The practical aspects are pursued with our understanding of the “determi- nations of the smallest details”—not only for the main body, but also for the ac- companying accessories. Among the accessories are an insulating storage case made out of heat-conserving material which allows freeze-dried food to be kept warm longer in cold climates, preventing unnecessary fuel use. No longer needing to bring extra fuel, this helps to reduce the weight one must carry for extended outdoor travel.This product went through a long process of practical testing, re- peated improvements, and  ne-tuning.(Description / NISHIJIMA Takeharu) Launch Year / 2016

The body looks as a whole very simple, but each accessory belonging to the cook- ware set are  nely and ingeniously manufactured, resulting in a high-quality pro- duct that responds to all of the user’s demands from outdoor gear. The product’s beauty comes from the thoughtful design process, in which manufacturer achie- ved maximal functionality through minimal form. In every aspect of the product I detect straightforwardness on the part of the designer. (Selection Committee / YANABASHI Hajime)