JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

バーミキュラ ライスポット

Product バーミキュラ ライスポット
Model number
Manufacturer 愛知ドビー株式会社
Aichi Dobby Ltd.
Designer 代表取締役副社長 土方 智晴、 ブランド統括室 折橋 みな、ブランド統括室 藤田 敬行
HIJIKATA Tomoharu, Exective Vice President, ORIHASHI Mina, Design Div., FUJITA Takayuki, Design Div.
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



Vermicular Rice Pot is a rice cooker that lets the user enjoy the taste of rice cooked with an iron pot. It is developed by combining a cast-iron pot together with auto- matic heat control that delivers an ideal cooking-heat for rice preparation. The di- fferent cooking modes the user can choose from correspond with various ways of cooking, such as waterless cooking, roasting, frying, and steaming. The user can also set the cooking temperature between 30 o and 95o C, so that he or she can easily enjoy low-temperature or fermentation-cooking. The “electronic” heating system was created to mimic direct  ame cooking, so as to preserve the classic  avors of the ingredients, while the form resembles a Kamado, a traditional Japa- nese cook stove that embraces the pot which sits upon it. As our goal was to de- sign a tool that both lasts and  ts well into daily life, we designed the rice cooker around the desire to unite a modern electronic heating system with the rice pot. (Description / Aichi Dobby Ltd.) Launch Year / 2016

A new style of cookware that was developed to consist of a traditional high pre- cision cast-iron pot and a special pot-heater that has heating-control via sensor. The smart-touch key makes for easier rice preparation, as well as the preparation of other meals. Furthermore, the pot can be simply used by itself, or even as an Ohitsu, the traditional Japanese rice pot, which shows that it is designed to be used in various ways. (Selection Committee / TAKAGI Yoh)