JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

ペンシルシャープナー Shin

Product ペンシルシャープナー Shin
Pencil Sharpener Shin
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社角利製作所
Designer 加藤 睦宏
KATO Mutsuhiro
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

書の初めに墨をするように、新しきことに向かい芯を研ぎ澄ます。清・心・真・新=清(すが)しい心で真摯に新たな事にのぞむ。鉋(かんな)屋で生まれた鉛筆削り器です。鍛冶職人手作りの安来鋼青紙製の切刃を黒檀の台座に仕込み、木目の美しい鉋台素材の赤樫でシンプルにスタイリッシュにまとめました。鉛筆が少しずつ削れていく音を楽しみながら、忙しい日常を離れ、しばし自分の心と向き合う時を楽しんで下さい。(解説/加藤 睦宏)2015年3月発売 ¥20,000(税抜き)

書家が初めに墨をするように、鉛筆を削りながら心を清める、かんなメーカーが作った鉛筆削り。赤樫、黒檀といった上質な木材と高品質な日立安来ハガネ青紙を切り刃に使い、鍛冶職人、木工職人の手で仕上げられている。何も飾らず、素材とシンプルな機能だけを追った結果、生み出されたデザインはまさに日本の心を表現している。(選定委員/北村 光彦)

In Japanese calligraphy, the  rst step is to make ink by grinding an inkstone. With “Shin,” you can also experience this rather meditative activity when sharpening your pencil. The Japanese word “shin” means “pencil lead,” but also “pure,” “spi- rit,” “truth,” and “new.” The “Shin” sharpener is whetstone-style pencil sharpener. The blade is crafted from Hitachi blue paper steel, while the box is made from oiled Japanese red oak and ebony wood, amouting to a simple, stylish appearance. Whi- le enjoying the sound from the pencil sharpening, the user can appreciate a medi- tative moment, taking a break from his or her busy schedule. (Description / KATO Mutsuhiro) Launch Year / 2015

As the calligrapher puri es his or her spirit while grinding an inkstone to make ink, the user can do so as well by sharpening a pencil. This product is crafted by black- smiths and woodworkers with  nest woods, such as oiled Japanese red oak and ebony wood, while using  rst-rated Hitachi blue paper steel for the blade. The de- sign that results from this meditation upon the material and simplicity of function, eschewing decorative aspects, represents the Japanese “shin.” (Selection Commi- ttee / KITAMURA Teruhiko)