JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

インスタックス スクエア エスキューテン

Product インスタックス スクエア エスキューテン
instax SQUARE SQ10
Model number
Manufacturer 富士フイルム株式会社
FUJIFILM Corporation 先駆性 Pioneer spirit
Designer 酒井 真之 / 藤野 リナ
SAKAI Masayuki / FUJINO Rina
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



Instax SQUARE SQ10 is the  rst square-format instant camera in Instax’s history. It is developed with an innovative digital-image-sensor and image-editing tech- nology. We developed this camera with the desire to design an iconic camera that will be used with passion and make a strong impression upon many users. The camera both inherits and improves upon the legacy of Instax, looking stylish in the hand while providing the user with intuitive photographic technology, The camera has a new function that allows users to edit images before or after taking the photos, as well as allowing them to be printed. The aim of the camera’s de- sign is to inspire the love of photography in as many people as possible. (Desc- ription / SAKAI Masayuki) Launch Year / 2017

The design takes the iconic camera and emphasizes only the lens, giving us the impression that this camera cannot only be easily used by hobby photographers, but also by professionals. This model is an improvement upon the previous Instax, as it introduces a new image-editing function. Also, the square-format is a cha- racteristic that will for sure make the camera especially appealing to SNS-users. You can see from its camera-case and photo album how carefully it has been de- signed in total, which could inspire a great devotion for this product. (Selection Committee / MATSUMOTO Hiroko)