JIDA Museum Selection vol.19


Product トア
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社アンビエンテック
Ambientec Corporation
Designer 小関 隆一
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

2016年11月発売 ¥29,000(税抜き)

コードレスでスタイリッシュな新感覚のタスクライト。コードがなくなることで仕上がった遊びごころのあるタワー型の造形が従来のLEDにはなかった自然な光とともにインテリア空間に馴染み美しい。デザイナーの遊び心は随所に散りばめられているが、タスクライトにベストな光を最新のテクノロジーで実現し、機能的にも抜け目がない。機能とデザインの調和の取れたアプローチが心地よいプロダクトだ。(選定委員/入江 あずさ)

Designed by Ryu Kozeki with our cordless lighting technology, the Torr is a desk lamp that not only possesses beauty in its form, but also has  exibility respond- ing to the user’s needs to move and place it wherever they wish to. We were able to renovate the concept of the task light by symbolically designing a tower-type lamp. The body is made from aluminum-die casting that makes the best use of de- sign to produce a quality object. In order to achieve a pleasant light source, the Torr incorporates our original LED technology with high-color rendering Ra95. It has color temperature for gentle, wide-range lighting with dimmer control. It can be easily recharged with USB. (Description / KUNO Yoshinori) Launch Year / 2016

A new kind of task light that is cordless and stylish. By removing the power cord, this tower-type design gained a playful aspect and beautifully suits an interior space with naturalistic light that an LED light has never had. You can see the de- signer’s playfulness in many of its aspects, but designing the task light with the best, cutting-edge lighting technology is also  awless from the technical point of view. Its technological and design aspects have are well-balanced, making this an extremely pleasing object. (Selection Committee / IRIE Azusa)