JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

SNOWTOPコーヒーシリーズ ウォータードリップコーヒーサーバー ウフル

Product SNOWTOPコーヒーシリーズ ウォータードリップコーヒーサーバー ウフル
SNOWTOP Coffee Series Water Drip Coffee server Uhuru
Model number
Manufacturer AGCテクノグラス株式会社
AGC Techno Glass Co.,Ltd.
Designer 齋藤 諭宇
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



Uhuru is a water-drip coffeemaker, which brings home the pleasures of coffee from the café. Similar to the products used professionally, Uhuru adopted the method of extracting coffee by dripping water at a preferred rate of  ow. Ornamental ele- ments have been elided from the coffeemaker, the design being based on only the necessary requirements, so that it is able to be integrated into household interior spaces. The characteristics of the glass material, such as its beautiful neutrality and translucency, makes the process of coffee extraction visible. Bended plywood is used for its frame, which has a soft and lightly curved surface that is re ned as thin as possible, something that cannot be achieved with solid wood. Also it is de- signed to accommodate accessory parts for various other functions. (Description / SAITO Yu) Launch Year / 2015

Uhuru is a coffemaker from Snowtop series that provides a comfortable, relaxing coffee break from everyday business. This is not an automatic coffee maker, rather an instrument for the user to make coffee manually, by using components compo- sed of glass and wood-framed porcelain. This unique and attractive product is in- tegrated with a water-drip method, which is the way coffee originally, and should still today be made. (Selection Committee / UEDA Yukikazu)