JIDA Museum Selection vol.19

ZLシリーズ シングル混合水栓

Product ZLシリーズ シングル混合水栓
ZL series, single lever mixer
Model number
Manufacturer TOTO株式会社
Designer 高山 翔吾
TAKAYAMA Shogo Design Strategy Group, Design Division TOTO LTD.
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas



This exceptionally thin and  at faucet succeeds in the beauty of its precise and restrained form. Together with the accompanying washbowl, its installation lends a luxurious elegance to any space. With the 3mm edge of the faucet, polished to the very limit of thinness, the quality of Japanese manufacturing is immediately apparent. The beautiful surface and seamless joint of the faucet were not able to be manufactured in conventional production, but rather were made possible only by employing the original stainless steel technology from TOTO, which the company has been  nessing for decades.The design both dramatically controls the water  ow at the tip of the spout, producing a waterfall effect, and raises the spout po- sition, providing the user with a comfortable, practical amount of space between faucet and washbowl. (Description / TAKAYAMA Shogo) Launch Year / 2017

This is a beautiful faucet, which uni es form and function in an elegant design. The thin waterspout made by carefully processing the stainless steel lends the fa- ucet the appearance of an abstract sculpture, with well-placed horizontal and ver- tical lines. Beyond the faucet’s practical highlights, the running water has a beau- tiful waterfall effect. It is an excellent design that realizes a rich emotional aspect. (Selection Committee / TAKEMASA Hideji)