JIDA Museum Selection vol.20


Product GALA
Model number
Manufacturer 山麓社
Designer 佐藤 圭多
SATO Keita
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

GALA(ガラ)は、「振るだけ」で世界の様々な民族楽器の音を奏でる楽器玩具です。内部は電子部品が詰まっていますが、外見は無垢の木の塊で、ボタンも一つだけです。「スティールパン」「シタール」「バラライカ」といった世界中から集めた12種類の民族楽器から、100音以上の音を奏でることができます。アナログな楽器と同じように、奏でたいと思ったら振るだけで鳴り、放っておけば自動的に電源が切れる、直感的に使えるシンプルなUIを徹底しています。どこかの国の民族楽器のような佇まいは、使う度にツヤを増してあなただけのGALAに育って行きます。GALAが、多様な文化に興味を持つきっかけになればと思います。(解説/佐藤 圭多)

一見、よくある木製のおもちゃだが、様々な技術が詰め込まれた電子デバイスである。自然素材のシンプルな見た目と、振ると奏でられる音色の多彩さ、そのギャップが面白い。製造の観点から見ると、電子機器と自然素材は決して相性がいいとは言えない。実現するために様々な困難を乗り越えてきたことは想像に容易いが、GALAのおおらかな形からはそんなことを微塵も感じさせないのが、にくいところである。(選定委員/野口 大輔)


GALA is a musical instrument that can play the sounds of various instruments from around the world only by being shaken by the user. Its outer structure is made of solid wood, which contains the electric components, with only one button. GALA plays twelve ethnic instruments in total: such as steelpans, sitar, and balalaika, and more then 100 other sounds. It is designed with a user interface that resembles an analog instrument. When the user feels like playing it, it need only be shaken, and when it is not played with it turns off automatically. The GALA has the appearance of an “ethnic instrument,” and the more you play with it, the more the user can experience the sounds of different parts of the world. We hope that GALA encourage its users to have interest in diverse cultures. (Description / SATO Keita)


At first glance, it looks as if it is a common wooden toy, but it is an electronic device packed with various technologies. This discrepancy between the simple appearance of natural material and the versatility of tones upon shaking is very interesting. From the manufacturing point of view, it isn’t usually the case that natural materials and electronic components are compatible. It’s easy to imagine the struggles and problems the designers have faced to develop this instrument, but the GALA comes across as effortless, which is amazing. (Selection Committee / NOGUCHI Daisuke)