JIDA Museum Selection vol.20


Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社ワイ・エス・エム
Y.S.M Co., Ltd.
Designer akii(岩松 直明、 前田 崇彰)
akii (IWAMATSU Naoaki, MAEDA Takaaki)
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

毎日使うモノこそ美しく飾りたい。LIGHT SHELFは、日常生活を光で飾るLED照明です。毎日使う愛用品やお気に入りの小物類をそっと置くだけで美しく飾ります。凛とした薄板の佇まいから溢れる柔らかな光は、筐体の内側に反射しながら心地よくモノと空間を照らします。1mmの板金をシンプルに曲げただけのミニマルでアイコニックな造形は、構造や性能、生産効率としての合理性と様々なインテリアにフィットし、時代を超える普遍的な意匠性を両立しました。(解説/akii)2018年04月発売 ¥15,000(税抜き)

空間において脇役に徹することを目指したシンプルなデザインのLED照明。ロの字に曲げられた1mmの板金が重なる8mmのわずかな隙間に収められた光源により、ONOFF問わず空間に溶け込むライトシェルフとなった。特注品の製造に特化する照明メーカーならではの面発光技術・板金加工技術が生きた美しく静かな製品である。(選定委員/秋山 かおり)


Everyday objects should be illuminated beautifully. LIGHT SHELF is a LED light that brightens your daily life. Your favorite objects or something you use everyday will look beautiful just by placing it on the shelf. Soft light is emitted from the dignified, thin plate and is reflected inside the shelf, providing both the object and the space around it with beautiful illumination. This LIGHT SHELF is made of a 1mm thick bent metal, which corresponds well with the product’s intelligent structure and function, as well as its efficiency. Its minimal and iconic form fits well with many kinds of interior space. The design is a universal one that will span generations. (Description / akii) Launch Year / 2018


LIGHT SHELF is a simply designed LED light aimed to play a supporting role in interior spaces. The light is illuminated from the 8mm-long space where 1mm-thick, rounded, rectangular-shaped metals overlap. Its form suits all interior spaces well, no matter if it is on or off. It is a beautiful and subtle product by a lighting manufacturer that specializes in custom fixtures, uniquely incorporating their surface-emitting and metal processing technologies. (Selection Committee / AKIYAMA Kaori)