JIDA Museum Selection vol.20


Product 森の位牌
Model number
Manufacturer 株式会社インブルームス
Designer 町田 光
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

森の位牌は長い時間大切な人を想いながら選ぶ。世界に一つのお位牌です。 従来の位牌から特徴的な曲線や曲面を削り、直線的なシルエットに仕上げました。シンプルで幅や奥行きを取らない形、且つぴったりと位牌同士を繋げて並べることができます。その姿は、ただお仏壇の中に場所を取らずに位牌が置けるという問題解決だけではありません。故人の方達がお仏壇の中で寄り添い、並ぶことでまた一つの家族の姿を再現できます。(解説/株式会社インブルームス)2018年8月発売 ¥32,000~(税抜き)

近年の住環境を背景に仏壇はコンパクトになり、ライフスタイルに合わせたデザインのものも多く出始めている。このお位牌は、100種類以上の樹木の個性と故人のパーソナリティーや思い出を重ね合わせ、樹木をオーダーすることができる。遺族はこのお位牌を通じて故人を想い、より故人を身近に感じられるだろう。ご夫婦や仲の良い兄弟などには、複数をぴったりそろえて置くことができる配慮もあり、遺族や故人への温かい想いを感じる新しいお位牌の在り方といえる。(選定委員/松本 博子)


Mori-no-Ihai is a unique Buddhist mortuary tablet that can be chosen based on the characteristics of the person for which it will be used. Finished with a straight, vertical outline, it differs from the conventional Buddhist mortuary tablet, which features curved lines and surface. With its simple shape, it requires little room to stand. Moreover, it can be closely lined up with other mortuary tablets, so that it not only can be put in a Buddhist altar without taking up much space, but also bring the deceased “closer together”. (Description / INBLOOMS CO., LTD) Launch Year / 2018


Buddhist altars have become compact in size due to the living circumstances of recent years, and its design has changed according to the lifestyles of our age. The wood for this Buddhist mortuary tablet can be chosen from over 100 types of trees and ordered with the superimposition of the characteristics of the personality or one’s own memories of the deceased. The bereaved family can reflect upon the deceased through this mortuary tablet and feel much closer to them. It is designed so that one can place multiple tablets upon one altar, for instance, for married couples or close siblings, a function that speaks to a great consideration of the designers towards the deceased and their bereaved families. (Selection Committee / MATSUMOTO Hiroko)