JIDA Museum Selection vol.20

サントリー樽ものがたり by カリモク ブレンドシリーズ

Product サントリー樽ものがたり by カリモク ブレンドシリーズ
Suntory Taru-Monogatari x karimoku Brend series
Model number
Manufacturer サントリースピリッツ株式会社
Suntory Spirits limted
Designer 中崎 宣弘
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

● ダイニングテーブル シェリー&グレーン1900 ¥188,000(税抜き)
● ダイニングチェア(ダークグリーン) ¥43,000(税抜き)


日本有数のウイスキーメーカーと家具メーカーとのコラボレーションから生まれたブレンドシリーズは、それぞれの領域での卓越したもの作りの技術が惜しみなく注がれた申し分の無い完成度と、語られるストーリーが魅力的である。リサイクルされる素材の多くは大きく形を変え、新たに生まれ変わるものが多いが、このプロダクトは素材の持つ特性を上手く利用しており、ある意味リサイクルの真骨頂といえる点を高く評価している。(選定委員/谷村 秀)

“Suntory Taru-Monogatari”The Tale of Suntory Barrelregenerates and revitalizes the barrels used for aging whiskey over decades. The Blend Series was produced in collaboration with Karimoku furniture, showcasing a uniquely colored oak-tree wood grain. A blended whiskey is produced by blending various types of whiskey spirits, in which the comingled spirits achieve a harmonious flavor. Using this blending method as the motif of our design, this product is made with a combination of multiple colors that can t in beautifully with the interior colors of any room. (Description / Suntory Taru-Monogatari) Launch Year / 2009 Dining Table Sherry&Grain 1900, Dining Chair (Dark green)


The Blend Series was made from a collaboration between Japan’s leading whiskey manufacturers and furniture manufacturers. It has attractive elements: It embodies an impeccable degree of perfection, by incorporating each manufacturer’s excellent craftsmanship into its own individual story. While it is often the case that materials are “upcycled” into new, better products, this product has been made by paying good attention the characteristics of the material being repurposed. It is an inspiring example of upcycling. (Selection Committee / TANIMURA Shigeru)