JIDA Museum Selection vol.23


Product バンドソファ
Band Sofa
Model number
Manufacturer wah / 公益財団法人日本財団パラリンピックサポートセンター
wah / The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
Designer wah / 脇坂 政高、八田 興
wah / WAKISAKA Masataka, HATTA Takashi
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

(解説/脇坂 政高、八田 興)日本財団パラアリーナ設備品


『Band Sofa』は、東京2020パラリンピックのパラスポーツ専用体育館に設置されたソファである。「メダルのバンド(Band)」をイメージした一体型のテーブルは、ソファ座面を取り囲むように斜めに配され、側面が斜めにカットされた座面と相まって、車いすユーザーと健常者との自然で円滑なコミュニケーションを可能にした。アクセシビリティ、安全性、フレキシビリティ、などを高い次元で実現する優れたデザインである。
(審査委員/武正 秀治)


Band sofa is a seating made for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games dedicated gymnasium. The sofa was designed to create a communal space in the facility for diverse groups of people to gather including the Paralympians, staff, and visitors. The sofa incorporates multipurpose tables, adopting the band of the medal as a motif. It is designed in collaboration with users to create a sofa easy for all people with or without disabilities. As diverse people are intended to gather in the arena, we hope the sofa would act as a catalyst to bring them—band them—together.
(Description / WAKISAKA Masataka, HATTA Takashi)


The Band Sofa was installed at the gymnasium dedicated to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The integrated tables, resembling bands of medals, fold diagonally around the sofa seat. Together with the tapered base of the sofa, they allow smooth and natural communication between people with and without wheelchairs. The excellent design brings about a high level of accessibility, safety, and flexibility of use.
(Selection Committee / TAKEMASA Hideji)