JIDA Museum Selection vol.23

キッチンバサミ METAPHYS chef’s

Product キッチンバサミ METAPHYS chef’s
Kitchen Scissors METAPHYS chef’s
Model number 61050
Manufacturer 株式会社ハーズ実験デザイン研究所
hers design inc.
Designer 村田 智明
Pioneer spirit
Social performance
Technology innovation
生活領域/Living areas
事業領域/Business areas
公共領域/Public areas

メタフィス シェフズは主に肉を切る用途を想定してデザインされたキッチンバサミです。ヒンジの位置を下方向にずらすことで、刃が「引きながら切る」ように動くため、僅かな力で肉を切ることが可能です。また横に寝かせず立てて置くことができるため、置いた状態で刃がテーブルに触れず衛生的であり、調理中や食事中の置き場にも困りません。刃の鏡面黒酸化発色処理は、被膜により錆びにくさを向上させるとともに深みのある艶も生む、機能性と美しさを併せ持った表面処理です。従来の肉切りハサミで未解決だった問題を一つ一つ解決。「肉を切る行為そのもの」に着目することから生まれたキッチンバサミです。
(解説/村田 智明)
2022年1月発売 ¥9,500(税抜き)


(審査委員/藤本 英子)


METAPHYS chef’s is a set of kitchen scissors designed mainly for cutting meat. By shifting the position of the hinge downward, the blade pulls back while cutting, allowing to cut the meat with little effort. The scissors can be placed in an upright position instead of lying on their side, so they do not touch the table, which is hygienic. There is no need to worry about where to place them during cooking or eating. The blade's black oxidation treatment with a mirror finish is a surface treatment that combines functionality and beauty, as the film improves rust resistance and produces a deep gloss. We have solved the problems of conventional meat cutting scissors one by one, by focusing particularly on the act of cutting meat.
(Description / MURATA Chiaki) Launch Year / 2022


The product makes us realize that we have never used genuine quality kitchen scissors. The idea proposed when planning for Korean barbecue scissors led to identifying the issues with kitchen scissors, and the solution became a design of scissors admired by professionals. The issues have been solved in all aspects: the hygiene of the scissors with the tip of the blade not touching the table when placed, the ease of gripping, and the sharpness for cutting meat. The black color from the black oxidization process, which is excellent in corrosion resistance, does not fade. The beautiful shape was realized with the technology of Tsubamesanjo, Niigata, the town of hardware.
(Selection Committee / FUJIMOTO Hideko)